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The full-function online HTML Hymns ebook is here. It should work on any device with HTML5 support.

There are also limited-function online ebooks. These might be more appropriate for mobile devices with limited screen size and bandwidth. There are two versions, here with, and here without (and half the size) the ability to show hyphenation, synaloephas, and melismas.

Other books can be found here.

All preconfigured offline versions of HTML Hymns ebooks include lookup, search, words only view, and any available indexes. If other features are available, they can be selected using the drop-down choices below. If no other features are available, there may not be any drop-down choices.

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These other formats are provided, and attempt to be as consistent with the HTML Hymns as they can be, within the limitations of each format. All formats include Lyrics and Indexes, except as noted. Names of all downloaded files start with "Hymns".

Some formats are readable by multiple programs, such as PDF (also known as Portable Document Format). PDF files of different widths are for different screen sizes.

Some formats are readable by the browser or its add-ons: to be sure to get a downloaded file, right-click (on mobile, tap-and-hold), and "Save link as", "Save linked content as", or "Save target as". In some mobile browsers the "Save link as" feature for some file types is only available as an add-on.

Songs Old and New
Romanian language.
Published in 2008.
Supplement added in 2014.
No errata available.